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CrowCountdown - A Free Javascript Countdown
CrowCountdown is a simple way to drop a countdown timer onto your webpage. It will countdown to any datetime you specify and display any message you want when it counts down to zero. Customize its look with the supplied stylesheet.
Unlike most such scripts on the net, I am not charging for it or asking you to keep my name on it (though you are welcome to).
If you want to impress the girls by pretending you wrote this, go for it.

Download includes the javascript, sample html and style sheet.
Read the comments in samplecountdown.htm for instructions.

You must set your event datetime in Universal Time format. See below for the display of how many minutes to add to your event datetime so a visitor in any time zone will see the correct display.
Your local time is:
Your time in UTC is:
You must add   minutes to your local time.
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