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So You Think You Can Vote - fast, automated voting for your favorite dancer
So You Think You Can Vote for Android helps your favorite dancers survive the cuts! With the SYTYCV app, you can text or phone a huge number of votes with a few simple screen taps. Just enter the number of votes per dancer, or choose unlimited votes, and the app will do the rest. Until voting closes at midnight, your votes will continue to roll in. In my first trial, we voted over 2,300 times! You can also vote by phone, even while blasting texts. Just switch to the Phone screen and tap the number you want to call.

Its Simple
Its Safe
No Registration, No Personal Information

Here's how to use it:

SYTYCV screenshot
SYTYCV screenshot
Scroll down the list of dancers.
Tap in the text entry box to enter a specific number of votes, or check the unlimited box to vote as many times as possible until midnight.

Text Voting

When you have all your desired votes filled in, tap "Start Voting!". You will see the "Staus" numbers update with the number of votes cast so far.
You may check unlimited for as many dancers as you want. If you choose 3 dancers, SYTYCV will vote for each one until midnight. This will result in each dancer getting one third the number of votes as if you only chose only one to be unlimited.
If you mix a specific voting amount with unlimited, SYTYCV will votes for each one until it reaches the number of votes you entered, then it will continue voting for the unlimited selections.

Phone Voting

Phone voting is available even while blasting texts. Switch to the Phone screen and tap the number you want to dial. After you hang up, or wait for the voting system to disconnect you, it will automatically dial again. To stop dialing, navigate back to the phone screen and tap "Stop Voting".
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